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Caring for my Father in the time of a Pandemic

Caring for her father during a pandemic, Bonnie read shares her story and why it is important to check on your loved ones daily. Bonnie shares how difficult it was for her to have her father living in an Independent Senior Living Community during a pandemic. She writes: “Thinking of him having no communication except… Read More

Family Caregivers During a Pandemic

Family Caregivers Chris and Maria Ward have been long-distance caregivers for Chris’ sister since March of 2016. They talked to us about the challenges of keeping her safe while combating isolation over the last year. Every caregiving situation is different. Please tell us some more about your role as family caregivers. Chris: We used to… Read More

Supporting Veterans Through Technology

Caregiving for veterans is a very specific, personal, and important topic.  Specific because I have found that only veterans understand fellow veterans. Their DNA and experiences process things differently than others. My caregiving experience for my wife of 40 years is still a learning experience every day. My wife’s disability became necessary for me to… Read More

Perceptions in Caregiving

Particularly in the world of caregiving, I am firmly yet gently advising never to take anything personally. Whether our hurt feelings result from something our loved one said or did or something that any one of the players in our day said or did, i.e., family, friends, doctors, staff, co-workers, we must remain vigilant in… Read More

Losing My Husband from Dementia and COVID-19

I’m writing this on Christmas Day, 2020. It’s my first Christmas without my husband of 43 years. He died earlier this year of COVID-19, but in reality he’d been “gone” for longer, with dementia. He is infinitely better off as, ironically, am I, and I am genuinely happy for him, for his spirit. But if… Read More

Tips for Hiring a Caregiver

Hiring a professional caregiver can stir up a lot of emotions. I have heard everything from relief and a breath of fresh air, to fear of someone in their house or families fighting over how money is spent. My goal in this blog is to help you understand where to look, what to do, and… Read More

Caregiving During the Holidays

The holidays are the perfect time to connect with family, friends, and loved ones. The holidays are the time to be joyful. This year, unfortunately, rings different. The luxury of being around family and friends is no longer encouraged due to the pandemic. With the recent surge of the Coronavirus in our community, it is… Read More

Elder Abuse during the time of COVID-19

Another growing concern brought on to us by COVID-19 is the surprising uptick in reported cases of elder abuse during this time. Experts say the reasoning behind this could be the fact that these seniors are quarantined and isolated, therefore making it difficult for signs of abuse to be detected. Unfortunately, there are various types… Read More


Dealing with a parent’s dementia is difficult especially when it has taken a drastic decline. Vic Railton, a caregiver, shares her experience witnessing her mom’s uphill battle with dementia that has taken a turn for the worse. She writes: “For the first time ever since her diagnosis, her confusion and angry outbursts have become an… Read More

Community Foundation 2019 Impact Report

The purpose of the Impact Report is to communicate the significant contributions and the difference we have made in the community. With the mission of the Community Foundation of Western Nevada to strengthen our community through philanthropy and leadership by connecting people who care with causes that matter, it is vital for us to show… Read More