A Guide to Getting Paid for Family Caregiving in Nevada

August 16, 2018 | Caregiver Compensation


As a family caregiver, you may wonder if it is possible to be paid for the care you provide. Many family caregivers become financially strained because they must reduce their work hours, quit their jobs, or retire early because of their caregiving responsibilities. The good news is that if you are receiving Medicaid and are not the Legally Responsible Individual for your family member, you can be compensated for being a caregiver or receive a caregiver if deemed eligible for the program free of charge. There are two options available: Agency Directed Care and Consumer Directed Care


Agency Directed Care 

Agency Directed Care enables family members to work with an agency to either be compensated for the care they provide to their family member or to select a caregiver from that agency to provide care free of charge for their family member. If you choose to be a paid caregiver through Agency Directed Care, you need to complete the employee requirements of an agency, just like any other employment opportunity. The employee requirements process includes an application, a fingerprint background check, and required classes/trainings pertaining to the care of a frail elderly person or person with a physical disability. Once employed, you will work with an agency to determine your paid work schedule. Through Agency Directed Care, you may also provide care to several Medicaid recipients in addition to your family member as a source of extra income.


Consumer Directed Care

Consumer Directed Care also allows family caregivers to be compensated, but family caregivers or their care recipient can also select a caregiver and have more autonomy with care coordination. If you choose to be compensated through Consumer Directed Care, you report directly to the care recipient, or the person responsible for them. All decisions and directions for care are the responsibility of the party seeking care.

If the person requiring care wants to select a caregiver, they will work with a consumer directed care agency, which means the person requiring care (or the person responsible for them) interviews, hires/fires, trains, and determines a work schedule for the caregiver. Additionally, it is the individual’s responsibility to have a back-up plan in place if the caregiver is unable to care for them during a scheduled caregiving shift.

If you have any questions about these options, please contact the Nevada Division of Health Care and Financial Policy at 775-684-3651.You can find other in-home care and respite care resources on this website by clicking  here.


Anna Olsen-Figueora and Maddie Huntley

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